Sassy Malassy
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Ordering Sassy Malassy

The Sassy Malassy putter is available in a choice of a center shafted design or a heel shafted design.  Both come standard with a 35" shaft with a Tacki-mac grip.   Also included is a beautiful red, soft leather cover with a magnetic closure.  The cover features an embroidered Sassy Malassy logo, an American flag on one side and a “Made in the U.S.A.” on the other.

Center Shafted: $165
Heel Shafted: $215


  • Standard finish no charge
  • A Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TAN) finish
    ($30 additional charge)

  • Shaft Lengths can be ordered in sizes up to 37" at no additional charge.
  • An oversized Tacki-mac grip is available at no extra charge.

How to Order

To order the Sassy Malassy, fill in the form to the right and use the link to send your order for processing.
Belly putters are available upon request


For additional information, please contact us.
Business: 215 672 6454
Cell: 215 416 6597

Golf club distributors please contact for special pricing.