Sassy Malassy
Conforms with USGA Rules
Decision: 2010-629
Decision: 2010-628

"Own the Greens"

Improve your game with the innovative Sassy Malassy precision putter, custom designed by a golfer and highly skilled machinist. This putter is machined from stainless bar, giving you a solid putt every time. The weight of the putter enables a more precise stroke and smoother follow through. You will experience great feel and control with every putt.

"The Sassy Malassy changed my game. In three rounds I’ve had more one-putt greens than any 20 rounds in the past. I don’t know if it’s the weight of the putter head, the angle of the shaft or total balance of the club. But, long putts are going in or guarantee me a two-putt."— Bob Curley